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Required members in Person and Phone

    • matt
    • Topic created 9 years ago

    The documentation says that birthDate is optional in the Person class. I thought that meant if the age is provided, birthDate is not required. And vice versa. But, it appears that birthDate is required all the time. Can someone verify this to be the case?

    Is this a bug? We would prefer to pass the person's age if we can.

    The documentation says that countryCode and areaCode are required members in the Phone class. The example used in policy creation only has a number and no countryCode and areaCode. The number contains an area code. So, I'm wondering if the documentation is accurate.

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  1. Ken Lum9 years ago

    The birthDate is optional for quoting (provided an age is supplied), but is required for purchasing. The rationale behind this is that it is easier to prompt for an age instead of a birth date when providing quick quotes while a birth date is required for purchasing. If both the age and birth date are supplied (for either quoting or purchasing), the age will take precedence, which is why an age SHOULD NOT be provided when purchasing.

    The countryCode is optional, the areaCode field has been deprecated, and the number field should include the entire phone number starting with the area code (as per the example). The documentation will soon be updated to reflect the aforementioned.

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