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Questionnaire Questions - French, jQuery, response times

    • matt
    • Topic created 9 years ago

    Calling this URL returns an English questionnaire:


    How do I retrieve a French questionnaire? The following URL is what I tried and it returns nothing:


    There should be no French in the English responses. Yet, there is a French translation of each question. You have a separate French questionnaire for francophones.

    Your questions include what appears to be jQuery and/or Bootstrap markup. There is no way for us to use that markup so it would be best if it was removed.

    It takes approximately 12,850 ms for your service to return a questionnaire. Is this the response time we will see in production? If so, we will need to cache your questionnaires. How often do they change?

    Message edited by matt 9 years ago

  1. matt9 years ago

    May I please have some help retrieving French questionnaires and the other two questions in this thread?

  2. Clyde9 years ago


    To retrieve the french Freedom Medical Questionnaire the URL you are using with the query parameter 'lang=fr' should work. If that is not working could you please post the http response(http status code and response body).

    You may also use the following URL to retrieve all french questionnaires:


    As for seeing French in the English Freedom Questionnaire I assume you mean you see french in the question.name/answer.name fields. You can disregard this field as it is meant to be used as a description field of the question/answer. Try examining the question.content & answer.content fields as those are the values to be displayed.

    I've changed your configuration settings so that caching is in effect for the questionnaires assigned to you. This should significantly reduce the response times retrieving questionnaires. Questionnaires rarely change but if were to cache the questionnaires I would recommend a daily sync.


  3. matt9 years ago

    If I call https://dev-api.tugroup.com/v1/venture/questionnaires/QU-FMQ&lang=fr this is the response:

    [key] => venture.tubs.sys.error.questionnaire.not.found
    [type] => ERROR
    [detailMessage] => Not Found    
    [sourceType] => MSG_BUNDLE

    That's the bad news.

    The good news is your system is now responding in about 700ms which is a lot better.

  4. Clyde9 years ago


    I think there is a small error in the url you are using. You need the substitute the '&' for a '?'. I'm looking over the logs and I can also see the key being used is 'QU-FMQ&lang=fr'.


  5. matt9 years ago

    Fixed. Thanks.

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