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Which timezone does your server use?

    • matt
    • Topic created 9 years ago

    I just noticed a timezone issue.

    Our server uses UTC. Your system uses GMT-8, I assume? Does your system switch to GMT-7 for DST?

    A problem occurs after midnight UTC. We send a booking date that, to your system, is in the future.

    We'll need to know which timezone you are using to avoid this problem.

    Message edited by matt 9 years ago

  1. Ken Lum9 years ago

    Yes, our system does interpret all times passed to it as Pacific Times. Currently, we do not support passing in UTC times, but we may in the future. For now, please pass in all times as Pacific Times, so that your app can make purchases between 00:00:00 and 02:59:59 Eastern Time.

    And yes, the server does add/subtract an hour to convert between PST and PDT at the appropriate times during the year.

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