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Selling Annual Family Policies

    • matt
    • Topic created 9 years ago

    I'm able to quote annual policies for families but can't seem to purchase one.

    Your system returns an error that says that the medical coverage (PL-MMED-3) doesn't cover the entire trip and that I should "Get an extension." Ok, how do I do that?

    I see in your appendix that coverage type can be INITIAL or EXTENSION. But where do I set the coverage type? I haven't been specifying INITIAL anywhere.

    I see another thing that could be related. PL-MMED-3 has trip length options. I see that the default is 182 (days I presume), which is the longest trip length. But this is an annual plan, so isn't a trip of 365 days covered?

    My request:

    {"policyInfo":{},"trip":{"startDate":"2015-02-18","endDate":"2016-02-17","departureProvince":"AB","cost":3000,"bookingDate":"2015-02-18"},"insuredPersons":[{"insuredType":"CANADIAN","inHomeProvince":true,"homeProvince":"AB","selectedPlans":[{"planCode":"PL-MTCAN-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MTI-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MADD-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MMED-3"}],"firstName":"Matt","lastName":"Fam","birthDate":"1980-01-01","phoneNumbers":[{"number":"5048552666"}],"addresses":[{"addressLine1":"123 Main St","city":"Calgary","country":"CA","province":"AB","postalCode":"H0H 0H0","type":"MAIL"}]},{"insuredType":"CANADIAN","inHomeProvince":true,"homeProvince":"AB","selectedPlans":[{"planCode":"PL-MTCAN-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MTI-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MADD-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MMED-3"}],"firstName":"June","lastName":"Fam","birthDate":"1990-01-01","phoneNumbers":[{"number":"5048552666"}],"addresses":[{"addressLine1":"123 Main St","city":"Calgary","country":"CA","province":"AB","postalCode":"H0H 0H0","type":"MAIL"}]},{"insuredType":"CANADIAN","inHomeProvince":true,"homeProvince":"AB","selectedPlans":[{"planCode":"PL-MTCAN-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MTI-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MADD-1"},{"planCode":"PL-MMED-3"}],"firstName":"Jennie","lastName":"Fam","birthDate":"1999-01-01","phoneNumbers":[{"number":"5048552666"}],"addresses":[{"addressLine1":"123 Main St","city":"Calgary","country":"CA","province":"AB","postalCode":"H0H 0H0","type":"MAIL"}]}],"payments":[{"amount":2835,"transactionType":"PURCHASE","paymentStatus":"APPROVED","paymentType":"COLLECTED","paymentMethod":"SINGLE","currencyCode":"CAD"}]}

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  1. matt9 years ago

    This is probably the same problem that's remaining in the 'Selling Annual Policies' thread. Any help you can provide with these annual plans would be helpful. Surely they are not limited to 182 days, but we cannot figure out why your system is returning "Multi Trip length doesnt cover the entire trip".

  2. Clyde9 years ago

    Please refer to 'Selling Annual Policies' thread. I believe the two topics are similar. Basically on an annual policy you may travel on multiple trips in a year. The trip length determines the maximum trip length one is covered on a trip. For each multi trip plan there are different trip length options you can customize for the plan. You may retrieve these options on the products endpoint.

    The initial trip start date and trip end date will be used as a default for the max trip length of a multi trip plan. You can further customize the plan as follows

    2. {  
    3.     "planCode":"PL-MMED-3", "priceInputParameters":[{"code": "TRIP", "value":60}]
    4. }

    This will set the multi trip medical plan's max trip length to 60. This is similar to the customization of SUMP(trip's cost) I posted several months back in another forum post.

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