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SPRT Additional when?

    • kurtis
    • Topic created 8 years ago

    Hi I am sending quote requests and attempting to test the new PM-SPRT-8 additional. Can you tell me when I will be able to get price quotes back that reflect go-live pricing (I believe you are going live May 3).

    Can you additionally tell me if I bundle this in as a price parameter as follows (this is part of a PL-MMED-3 plan), if correct, I am not seeing a price in the response that reflects your documented price increases;

          "priceInputParameters" => array:3 [?
            0 => PriceInputParameter {#300 ?
              +code: "TRIP"
              +value: 35
            1 => PriceInputParameter {#301 ?
              +code: "PM-SPRT-8"
              +value: 3
            2 => PriceInputParameter {#302 ?
              +code: "PM-DED-28"
              +value: 0

    If the API cutover is still scheduled for May 3, can you provide guidance on when dev / uat will be finalized for testing these additions. At that point, I'll at least know it's a problem on my side generating quote or other.

    Thanks kindly.


    Message edited by kurtis 8 years ago

  1. zbak8 years ago

    Hi Kurtis,

    You will be able to get accurate rate responses on UAT starting Wednesday April 20th.

    Your input parameters are correct.

    Regards, Zareef

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