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Travel Advisory API

    • maciul
    • Topic created 8 years ago

    Hello, Is the travel advisory API up and running? Getting 500 status errors while trying to get information about specific countries. (only list of countries populates) Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. zbak8 years ago


    Which country are you trying to get information for? I just checked and everything seems to be working fine.

    Please refer to the documentation - http://developer.tugo.com/docs/travelsafe/v1/country

    You also need to set the header parameter "X-Auth-API-Key" to your key.

    I tried a couple different country codes and everything looks good on this end.

  2. maciul8 years ago

    @zbak : thanks a lot for your help. I felt as if I tried every combinations before. Went back to it and and yes, everything works just fine. Did not catch that country needed to be 2 letters. (Ex. GR for Greece). - still a bit new to APIs. Thanks, great database!

  3. dhanraj8 years ago

    Hello, I am getting information about country by passing ISO country code but its always returning the Canada embassy or consulate information in the office field(Office array in JSON). could you please let me know ...how will I get the proper info?..for example : USA guy in France and wants information about USA embassy or consulate in France.Thanks,

  4. zbak8 years ago

    Hi dhanraj,

    We are a Canadian company and, as such, our Travel Advisories are targeted towards Canadians. This is why only the Canadian Embassy location shows up. The general advisory information is useful to everyone however some bits of information (eg. the embassy locations) would only be beneficial to Canadians.


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