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Welcome to the TuGo Developer Portal

Build Digital Relationships with Travellers

Did you know that...

  • 86% of North American travellers plan to bring a mobile device with them on their next trip?
  • Almost one third of 25-34 year-olds prefer buying insurance online?
  • Those who prefer to buy through an insurance agent still research online, with 64% of them comparing insurance rates online before buying 

TuGo’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the building blocks providing travel insurance and safety information to your customers via your website or mobile app.

If you’re an insurance professional looking to engage your clients digitally, TuGo’s APIs make it simple and easy to sell travel insurance and offer travel information to your clients, while earning you compensation in the process.

If you’re a developer building a website or mobile app for travellers, our APIs integrate easily, getting you up and running quickly. This portal is your go-to resource for access, code, tools, learning and more.

Travel Insurance API

Licensed insurance professionals—sell our travel insurance hassle-free, while earning compensation. Learn More


Travel Safe API

Provide travellers with valuable travel safety information for over 225 countries via a free REST based API. Learn More

We subtract the complexity, you add the innovation.

Use TuGo's API to build the solution that best meets your business needs.

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